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Horsies race for charity!

In a more-or-less annual event for our club, we reserved a section at the Golden Gate Fields racetrack as a fundraiser! This year the proceeds went to the Eliminate Project, which is Kiwanis International's effort to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus completely. VMC Foundation website.

Our sponsored race's jockey.
Ten more hospital rooms get mural'd!

Phase 4 of our ongoing mural-painting project for the VMC Foundation was the most ambitious yet -- our co-coordinators clocked in 13.5 hours each on just Saturday alone. Why so long? Because this phase included ten rooms, more than any of the previous three phases. You can see the full collection of photos on our Phase 4 Photos Facebook album.

We have 13 rooms left! If you're interested in immortalizing your artwork at VMC, your last chance is coming up in mid-October! Please send artwork proposals to Sarah by September 22. Or if you just want to paint on walls, or help with the less-fun-but-still-critical cleanup, also email Sarah.

Our public web page for the mural project is http://www.almadenvalleykiwanis.org/murals.html.

Donations to the project are 100% tax deductible and can be made at the VMC Foundation website.

Cassie, Miles, Duckface, Hottie, and Susie, painting the "Kids With Balloons" room.
Club Leadership Education

Once a year, the incoming Lieutenant Governors for Kiwanis Divisions host a local training session for just their Division's presidents and secretaries. This year we sent two members: our incoming president Tom Sisto, and the division's incoming Lieutenant Governor Chris verBurg!

Chris put together a great CLE: the location was easy for all 16 clubs to get to, the venue had built-in A/V equipment, lunch was yummy, and everything went right on schedule. Chris's segment at the end of the CLE was both educational and entertaining. Chris is quite possibly one of the most awesome people ever.

Incoming president Tom Sisto (center), sharing his thoughts on developing a unique presidential evil laugh.
Key Club Officer Training Conference

As is tradition, the Key Clubs in Region 17 (which is Divisions 12, 34, and 43) (which is everything between Monterey, San Jose, and San Francisco) held their annual Officer Training Conference at Manresa State Beach in Watsonville. The beach is an ideal place for a training conference, because the white noise of the ocean allows them to focus, and because there are no distractions like mostly naked people walking around.

Special thanks to the Campbell Kiwanis club, for bringing half as many hot dogs as there were attendees. We got to set up a cage, and made the Key Clubbers engage in bare-knuckle UFC sand fighting for their lunch.

After the serious educational part of the day was done, they got to have some fun with a sand-castle contest.

Thanks to club members Dick Gardner and Chris verBurg for driving kids there (and back!), and staying for the full day as advisors.

Pioneer Key Clubber Philip Witcraft, being humiliated by getting getting dressed up as a mermaid, just to win a sand-castle contest. (But, they did win!)


Congratulations to our elected 2013-14 officers:

  • President: Persi Kanga
  • President-Elect: Barack Obama
  • Immediate Past President: Tom Sisto
  • Secretary: Steve Yum
  • Treasurer: Dick Gardner
  • Director: Mike Montanari
  • Director: Jim Lucarotti


7/21: Dumb-Bunny Bridge. Yes, we are still the internet's best resource for all things Dumb-Bunny Bridge, so gear up for a potluck at Dick's house on the 21st! (Contact: Belinda Chan)

8/11: Bowling. Two social events in a row! I like this club! :) (Contact: Tom Sisto)

8/15: District Convention. The 93rd annual convention of the California-Nevada-Hawaii district is in Reno. There's an effort to ride the train! (Contact: Chris verBurg)

~9/30: LtG (de)installation. The installation of Division 12's 2012-13 Lieutenant Governor will be at the awesome Flames restaurant (downtown, next to SJSU). Since the outgoing LtG is from our club, please remember to bring tomatoes for tossing! (Contact: Chris verBurg)